The Porto cable car

The Porto cable car

The construction of the Porto cable car is quite recent since it was inaugurated in April 2011. A means of transport today integrated into the decor of Porto, it allows tourists and locals to be transported between Jardim do Morro and Vila Nova de Gaia without getting tired. Don't be afraid to gain height, the view is worth overcoming your fear.

The Porto cable car, a construction designed for Gaia

The idea of building a cable car comes from the desire to rebuild the district of the old port and the quays of Vila Nova de Gaia. Once the project was adopted, work began in 2009 and ended in April 2011. Today there are a dozen eggs suspended in the air which climb every day to the Jardim do Morro, departing from the Douro quays on Cais Square in Gaia. The climb is rather quick since in 5 minutes you have arrived and are at a height of 35 meters, after a journey of 562 meters in the air. With a capacity of 8 people, the cabins operate every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. except Sunday, a good way to visit the city without getting tired.

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Vila Nova de Gaia Cable Car

The Porto cable car, popular advantages for walking around Porto

The cable car pleases with its practical side since it allows you to reach the Morro gardens easily and quickly, the cabin stop station which is also a metro station (fr) (Jardim do Morro). This climb, accessible to all, saves effort when you have already trudged all day. The climb can be done on foot from the Louís I Bridge, with a longer time of 20 to 30 minutes. Another advantage of gondolas is the sublime view offered by the climb into the air. Admire the Douro River, the quays and the old district of Vila Nova de Gaia where you come from, the Louís I bridge and of course the city of Porto which is discovered in an original way when you gain height.

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Vila nova de Gaia cable car

The Porto cable car, some tips to know before boarding

The cable car looks a bit like a ski resort with these eggs suspended by cables. The operation is actually similar since you need a ticket before boarding. You can buy it online if you wish, or at the station ticket office located on the ground floor. Take the one way or the return trip, the amount may seem significant for a 5 minute climb, but it is worth it for the magnificent view of the city of Porto and its surroundings. Don't be surprised, photographers are waiting for you on arrival to offer you a souvenir photo. Above all, remember to validate your ticket before each crossing and rest assured, if your program for the day is changed, it is valid for 30 days from the day of purchase. Allow a little time and money when arriving in Gaia, the reconstruction of the neighborhoods is a success and the quays and their surroundings now include pedestrian streets, numerous restaurants and port wine cellars which offer tours.

The Porto cable car is a must to observe the city in an original way. If we can give you one last piece of advice, get on board at the end of the day to enjoy the spectacle of the gentle rays of the sun illuminating the buildings of the historic center.

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Porto Cable Car

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