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The trip goes by quickly and the return is fast approaching! It's time to go shopping to bring back a souvenir from your trip to Porto. Culinary specialties, cosmetic products, groceries and crafts, the city of Porto is an Ali Baba's cave when it comes to choosing the memorable element of your vacation. Make room in your suitcases, we'll take you shopping to bring back a souvenir of Porto!

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A taste memory of Porto

Porto is a city rich in cultural and gastronomic identity. What a pleasure to wander the streets looking for the best souvenir to bring back! Prepare your taste buds, you will love tasting all the specialties.

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Port wine, a must

It is unthinkable to return from Porto without a bottle of the city's emblematic sweet wine. Its slightly sweet taste goes very well as an aperitif and dessert, a delicious drink to enjoy with or without ice cubes. Produced in the Haut-Douro region, the vines embellish the decor before delighting your taste buds. Wine cellars and winegrowers, there is no shortage of opportunities to taste and buy port to take home.

Port wine

Sardines, canned goods to take away

This is an art very well mastered by the Portuguese, canning. The product is wonderfully cooked, but also presented in a pretty box with varied decorations. The pleasure of taste meets the pleasure of the eyes with cans that are as beautiful as they are good. Sardines, squid, eels or bacalhau (cod), bring back a two-in-one souvenir from Porto.


Chocolate, a Portuguese treat

Despite a rather low consumption of chocolate, the Portuguese are nonetheless very good producers of this chocolate treat. Many shops have been attracting foodies for years, but the reference remains Arcádia, an institution in Porto since 1933. Bring back a gourmet souvenir from your vacation.

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Cheese, a wider choice in Porto

Cheese is a staple of Portugal and, of course, Porto. You will find them everywhere! In restaurants, in markets, in specialized shops, cheese does not go unnoticed. Taste one of the 16 DOP (Denominação de Origem Protegida) cheeses, the equivalent of the French AOP, and relive a moment of indulgence once you return.

Charcuterie, a Portuguese passion

Most often made from pork, charcuterie is a true tradition in Portuguese gastronomy. As an aperitif, to enjoy with friends or on a platter to share, charcuterie is appreciated all year round in Porto. Discover Salpicão, the best sausage in Portugal, chouriços (sausages) made with red or white wine, and chorizos to grill, a real treat! Of course, a glass of port is an obvious choice to accompany these delicious dishes.

Pasteis de Nata, the little Portuguese sweet pleasures

An unmissable star of Portuguese gastronomy, these tasty pastries made from golden puff pastry containing a heart of vanilla flan are true sins of gluttony. Delicious, it is also practical to transport and keeps perfectly for two days, becoming the ideal souvenir to bring back from your trip to Porto. Take a trip to Pastelaria Belém, Porto's most famous maker.

Pasteis de nata

A traditional souvenir from Porto

Portugal is not only famous for its port wine, but also for its traditions and good products. It's up to you to choose which one to bring as a souvenir in your luggage.

Azulejos, a decoration not to be missed

An integral part of Portuguese culture, azulejos are a must to discover and take away as a souvenir. These blue and white or sometimes colored earthenware tiles decorate churches, museums, train stations and shops. Hand painted, they represent Porto and its history which you can learn about in specialized shops like Brâmica which even offers workshops to make them.

The tiles

Olive oil, a culinary gem from Porto

There is no Portuguese cuisine without the country's famous olive oil. Fragrant and delicate, it enhances dishes with a fruity touch, renowned for its taste and quality. Learn about the 6 DOPs (Denominação de Origem Protegida) and bring back delicious olive oil as a souvenir from Porto.

Cork, a surprising material to discover

Portugal is one of the largest producers of cork in the world, this light, soft and natural material which retains heat. We all know the famous cork stopper that preserves wine, but in Porto, it is available in several forms such as jewelry, handbags, sneakers, clothing or caps. Discover cork during your shopping and bring back a typical Porto souvenir.

Cork wallet
Cork bag

Fado, the emblematic song of Porto

If you stay in Porto for a few days, you will probably hear fado singing in a music shop or café. Nostalgic and moving, the sound is accompanied by guitar for a sweet moment of emotion. If you are won over by this Portuguese art, get a fado CD to take home.

Fado players Photo: AdobeStock malajscy

Coffee, the Portuguese moment not to be missed

The “cafezinho” (small café) is a must in Portugal. In the restaurant, in the bars or in the pastry shops, you won't be able to miss the little coffee to accompany your delicacies or finish a meal. The Portuguese are true lovers of coffee which is of quality and at an affordable price for all budgets.

Claus Porto products, a renowned cosmetics brand

Created in 1887 by two Germans, the brand quickly became an institution in Portugal and enjoyed great success for its perfumes and beauty products. Today, the range has expanded to offer artisanal soaps, cosmetics, candles and even quality creams, which you will find in the Claus Porto specialized store.

The Rooster of Barcelos, an emblem of Porto to take home

You will find it in different forms and most of the time in ceramic. This little rooster has quite a history according to a legend from the 15th century in Barcelos. Today, it can be found in shops and markets, a symbol of the country and a lucky charm for travelers. Make a little room for it in your suitcase, it will be a perfect souvenir.

The city tour is over, here you are with all your gifts and souvenirs to bring back from Porto. Art, delicacy and decorative objects , everyone was able to find what they were looking for among the riches of Porto. And if the memories aren't enough, you'll just have to go back!

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