Where to go shopping in Porto?

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Strolling, shopping, bringing back a souvenir, it's almost a must when you travel. We like to bring back a little something from the place we visited. Porto is no exception and offers numerous shops, markets and shopping centers for tourists (but also locals) to window shop. Get ready for a shopping trip, we give you all the good places to go shopping in Porto.

Shopping in Vila Nova de Gaia

Where to go shopping in Porto?

Beyond being a magnificent city rich in a cultural past and an atypical historic center, the 2nd largest city in Portugal has something to surprise you when you wander the streets looking for good addresses. Clothing, crafts, fruits, vegetables and souvenir items, prepare not to return empty-handed.

The historic center and the city center

This area is perfect for bringing back a souvenir of all kinds from Porto. Perfumes, jewelry, clothing... you will be seduced by the unique products of artisanal designers and handmade items in a place full of history. 1.5 km long, Rua Santa Catarina in the city center is the main street in the district where there is the large store on Rua de Mouzinho da Silveira for canned tuna, octopus or sardines, but also the gourmet artisanal chocolate factory Arcadia for its renowned sweets. Rua das Flores brings a special atmosphere with its artisanal jewelry shops, vestiges of jewelers and goldsmiths.

Santa Catarina Street
Via Catarina

Santa Catarina Street and the Via Catarina shopping center

The steps

Porto is a very dynamic and lively city, dotted with numerous markets offering food products, but also creations, clothing and decorative objects.

  • The Bolhao market is very popular, renowned for its stalls of fresh produce, fruits, meats and vegetables to delight the senses.
  • The Vandoma Fair is an institution dating back to 1970, where students sold their old books and used clothes.
  • The Porto urban market is a stunning place of life where hairdressers, musicians and merchants come alive in a more contemporary market.
  • The Beira Rio market, in Vila Nova de Gaia, is more of a gourmet market, but you can find excellent food products there.
  • The Porto Belo market is original with an atypical atmosphere where food, works of art and unusual objects are mixed together on the stalls.
  • The Bom Sucesso market attracts with its varied offerings of food products of all kinds. Chocolate, pastries, cheese, fish, fruit… Fill up on taste pleasure.

Porto is full of little places to renew your wardrobe, decorate your interior, treat yourself or simply stroll. Vila Nova de Gaia is not to be outdone with its wine cellars and its numerous souvenir stands.

Mercado do Bolhao
Mercado Beira Rio

The best shopping centers in Porto

This is a concentration of shops, cafes and restaurants perfect for a day of shopping. In Porto, there is no shortage of shopping centers for window shopping or keeping busy when the weather is bad.

The shopping center Via Catarina

Located in the city center, it is like Via Catarina street, incredible . Raised over 4 floors, it has 80 shops of all kinds to satisfy all wallets. Each level has its specificity, like the 2nd and 3rd, focused on fashion and clothing stores, while the 4th brings together restaurant brands for a well-deserved break.

El Bombarda Shopping Center

In the heart of the city, get off the beaten track in a place that offers original products with unique brands. Organii Cosmetics and its organic products, Collectiva and its Portuguese jewelry, Vertigo with vintage cinema items or Lagar do Mel & Companhia and its products made from local beehives, you will be amazed by the quality of these atypical shops.

El Porto Gran Plaza

Have fun on the 5 floors of stores where perfumes, fashion accessories, shoes, books and electronic equipment are offered in more than 75 boutiques. Modern and recently renovated, it is pleasant to walk there and enjoy a good coffee.

The Mar Shopping Center

A place for meetings, services and shopping, the Mar Shopping shopping center is the largest shopping center in the north of Portugal. Numerous brands, children's play areas, as well as a restaurant area, you will be served on two floors where you can enjoy yourself.

El Norte Shopping Center

You will have fun in this large center which brings together shops, cafes, restaurants, but also a supermarket, a cultural space, 16 bowling alleys and 9 cinemas. Young and old, there is something for everyone at Norte shopping for a day of window shopping and fun, the unmissable shopping event in Porto.

El Centro commercial Life Porto Baixa

Above the temporary Bolhao Market in downtown Porto, parking is easy in a large car park with 470 spaces. Easily accessible by metro, everything is green to come and stroll at Vie Porto Baixa in the various shops on offer.

El Centro commercial Shopping city of Porto

In the heart of the city, find many well-known brands for window shopping in a center offering clothing, sports and cultural boutiques. In the basement, a supermarket allows you to do your shopping before returning, unless you prefer to treat yourself to a Portuguese specialty served in one of the restaurants at Shopping Cidade do Porto.

El Alameda Shopping Center

Inaugurated in 2005, it has 5 floors where clothing stores, hypermarkets, gymnasiums, cinemas and restaurants combine. A place of leisure and entertainment, it is the ideal destination for a day with friends or family. Park easily in the 1700 space car park, it is free.

The ElCortes Inglès shopping center

Located in Vila Nova de Gaia, this gigantic 12-story complex is an equivalent of Galeries Lafayette. The high end is in the spotlight even if you can find brands at reasonable prices, between clothing, beauty, perfumes, sports, cultures, DIY or household items.

El Corte Ingles Photo: AdobeStock_Nemesio

Where to buy Porto souvenirs?

Souvenirs of Porto are scattered throughout the city in the form of cork objects, azulejos and typical gifts like jewelry or embroidered bags. In the historic center, near the walls, above the Cais Estiva or in the markets of Vila Nova de Gaia, stock up on Portuguese souvenirs.

Port wine

A must-see in the city, take advantage of being in its country of origin to treat yourself to a beautiful bottle of this delicate wine. Don't buy in just any store, benefit from a cellar visit and expert advice to go home with a local brand from an independent producer, or go to the Portologia store in Porto.

Canned sardine

Yes, it seems incongruous to come home with a can of sardines and yet, it is a product that is an integral part of Portuguese culture. Classic, with a retro or designer look, canned goods are also pretty, colorful decorative objects, a great way to please at a low price. Go to the unmissable Loja das Conservas (the canned goods shop), the Mercearia das Flores delicatessen or the A Vida Portuguesa boutique.

Toy sardine
Sardines, but not canned!

Portuguese chocolate

Although the Portuguese are not big consumers of chocolate, you can find many shops offering quality sweets. In tablets, in candy, black, with milk or garnished with liqueur, succumb to this sweet temptation. You will find the best chocolate in Porto at Arcádia, the cocoa reference of which 3 brands are in Porto.

Port chocolate
Sardines in port chocolate

Azulejos, Portuguese traditions

Hand-painted earthenware tiles most often set in blue, this artisanal art is part of Porto's cultural identity. It is found on many monuments such as churches, museums or the train station. Take home a memorable Porto souvenir from the Azul Cobalto and Prometeu Artesanato boutiques, or prefer to create your own azulejos in Brâmica during a workshop.


Cork products

The world's leading producer of cork, it would be a shame not to bring back a typical souvenir of this light material. Handbags, jewelry, fans or decorative items, cork is used in many ways in Porto. Explore the districts of the historic center and Vila Nova de Gaia to find your favorite cork product.

Cork bracelets
cork bag

A Vida Portugesa in Porto

This is an address not to be missed when shopping in Porto. A veritable Ali Baba's cave in a beautifully decorated wooded setting, the shops offer only Portuguese brands and reflect the soul of the inhabitants. Old products, canned sardines, Portuguese jewelry, embroidery and soaps, the visit is worth the detour even if you don't want to buy anything.

Recover VAT in Porto

Tourists can recover VAT on their purchases provided they are residents outside the European Union. Reimbursements can be made for services such as:

  • Accommodations,
  • Food and drinks,
  • Rental of means of transport,
  • Purchasing fuel.

Known as Tax Free, it is possible to have VAT refunded regardless of the amount of your purchase in various ways:

  • At the airport, bring your invoices and your identity papers. Be patient, the queue can be long when you return from vacation.
  • With the B.free application, which allows you to carry out all the steps from your phone.

B.free is the simplest and most practical way to get VAT refunded after your purchases. Register the invoices, seal the Tax Free and receive the money without further delay.

Now it's time to go home, you must be well loaded. Porto is not the city par excellence for shopping, but like everywhere, you can find good deals, typical and interesting products. However, it shines more for its heritage, its landscapes and its culture than for the quality of its shopping.

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