Use Porto's trams to get around

Use Porto's trams to  ...

One of the original ways to get around Porto is to take the tram, an institution that dates back to the 19th century. Atypical and picturesque, they retain a polished wooden interior and bronze dial controls, enough to take you back in time during a journey. Get on board, we tell you everything about the Porto tram.

The Porto tram, a long history of journey

Called Eléctrico in Portuguese, trams date back to the 19th century, to a time when they were pulled by horses, before being steam-powered and then electric. Until the middle of the 20th century, the tram was famous and developed to cover almost the entire city, before being gradually replaced by coaches and buses. Today, there are 3 lines that still circulate through Porto, wagons typical of the era with a look of yesteryear in polished and varnished wood. Find out all about the history of the Porto tram at the Museu do Carro Eléctrico (the Porto Tram Museum) which displays several restored machines and tells the story of this special means of transport.

Tram Museum
Porto Tram Museum

The different lines of the Porto tram

There are 3 of them, a vestige of a network once developed throughout the city. Despite everything, it remains a must when visiting Porto since it is an integral part of its history and development. Climb into a picturesque and atypical means of transport, let's go for the visit.

Line 1

It is the most popular and the most used since it runs along the entire Douro River, offering a magnificent view to its passengers. From Infante to Passeio Alegre park in the Foz district, the walk takes you under the Arrabida bridge. Open between 9:30 a.m. and 6 p.m., line 1 offers a tram every 20 minutes. Prefer to use it early in the morning before the rush hour rush.

Porto Tram
Porto Tram
Tram in front of the Sao Francisco church
Tram in front of Sao Francisco Church

Line 22

This is the most centralized line in Porto which offers a loop in the city center from Batalha to Carmos. It passes through Dos Aliados Avenue and the most interesting places in the city. For example, you can observe the beautiful Ildefonso Church during this 30-minute journey. Unfortunately the line is currently closed and will not reopen until 2024.

Line 18

Its circuit begins in the historic center and goes to the Massarelos district, the terminus of the time which moved in 2021 to the Foz do Douro district. In fact, line 18 today takes the same path as line 1 from the tram museum to the Passeio Alegre garden. It runs between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. at a rate of one tram every half hour.

Porto tram line 18
Porto tram line 18

The Porto tram, some tips to know when using it

To travel by tram, you must have tickets which you can purchase in several ways:

  • On board the wagon for a single ticket, a return ticket or a 2-day pass,
  • At the Museu do Carro Eléctrico for the 2-day ticket,
  • In a hotel, a travel agency or a kiosk for the 2-day ticket.

If you wish to visit the tram museum in Porto (which is recommended to understand the history and evolution of this original means of transport), know that your entrance ticket allows you to access the visit as well as to the Porto metro, bus and tram for the next 4 hours, a good way to extend your Portuguese discovery excursion. To find all the tram stations and the directions to take, go to the STCP website (company responsible for transport in Porto), which also offers you the adapted route according to your wishes.

It's your turn to play tourist, board the tram and enjoy a visit in an atypical wagon. Be vigilant, as in any big city, pickpockets may try to steal some things from you without your knowledge. Keep your bag in front of you and travel safely.

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Porto Tram

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