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The Bonfim district in Porto is located to the east of the historic center. It is a district which was and remains in the process of restructuring. It offers a new face of Porto. It is a popular neighborhood, which tends towards gentrification: we see many trendy bars and organic cafes opening there, real estate has grown there but we can still highlight the authentic atmosphere which has be preserved. In Bonfim, there are many art galleries and exhibition centers, architects and art-related or alternative professions. It is a lively place conducive to creativity, with very few tourists.

For the vacationer, the Bonfim district is not a must, but it is a pleasant walk for those who know the tourist side of Porto well and who want to delve into the more bohemian and authentic Porto.

South of the Bonfim district
South of the Bonfim district

What we particularly like in the Bonfim district

Small shops! You will find many local shops and old-fashioned businesses there. In this area where there are very few big brands, everything residents need can be found in small shops with old-fashioned charm. Be careful, the speed with which Porto is transforming can make this statement quickly obsolete, so go take a stroll in Bonfim!

Bonfim district in Porto
Bonfim district in Porto

Our advice for visiting the Bonfim district

You will arrive in Bonfim either on foot from the city center (neighboring Aliados district) or by metro: Combatentes (to the north of the district), 24 de Agosto or Heroismo (to the south). Many bus lines run in Bonfim (check your favorite GPS service, the lines are well indicated). Come for a walk during the day, you will find nice restaurants for lunch, lively and vibrant squares and in the evening, the Portuenses like to come and have a drink. It is the south of the district which will be the most attractive for tourists.

An artistic itinerary in Bonfim, from art gallery to exhibition center and other specialized artists, internships and ways to get your hands dirty!

House in Bonfim

What to do and see in Bonfim?

Popular gardens along the river and Avenue Gustave Eiffel

To the south of the Bonfim district, near the Infante Dom Henrique bridge, if you look up you will see some kinds of gardens. Be curious, look for the stairs to climb there, and join a short walk along what appears to be an old railway line. You can walk in the gardens, which are certainly shared gardens but with free entry (be respectful, don't pick anything!). Going up the river you will reach ancient ovens (Antigos Fornos da Fábrica de Louças de Massarelos), with a small information board.

Gardens in Bonfim
Gardens in Bonfim
Antique Ovens in Bonfim
Antique Ovens in Bonfim

The Gardens of Saint Lazare (Jardim de Sao Lazaro)

On the border with the historic center, the gardens of Saint Lazare (or Jardim Marques de Oliveira) are pretty and pleasant for a walk. There is a square just behind with bars and restaurants, great for eating and having a good time in a happy hustle and bustle.

Gardens of Saint Lazare in Porto, Bonfim

The Bonfim cemetery (Cemitério do Bonfim)

Yes, this seems a suspicious proposition, but we know that there are fans of this type of visit! The Bonfim Cemetery is particularly beautiful and intimate. Walk around with all the respect due to this kind of place!

The Church of Bonfim (Igreja do Bonfim)

It is of recent architecture with a neoclassical style facade, it is accessed by a series of stairs. It is built on two floors and its elevated position allows for a beautiful overall view. It is a quiet place far from the tourist hustle and bustle.

Bonfim church Photo: AdobeStock suzanne plumette
Bonfim church Photo: AdobeStock / suzanne plumette

Superior School of Fine Arts of Porto (Escola Superior de Belas-Artes do Porto)

It is a place for students, but which also occasionally welcomes visitors. Art students will enjoy strolling through the gardens to see sculptures and the small museum. Internships are sometimes organized, consult the faculty website.

Jardim das Águas and the Nova Sintra viewpoint

A pretty park, to the south of the district and on the heights of the city, which offers beautiful changing perspectives. Old fountains are installed there, it's an appreciable corner of nature in the city!

The Military Museum of Porto (Military Museum Porto)

A small, little-known museum that will appeal to lovers of history and military relics. A very nice collection of miniatures for those who love little toy soldiers!

Porto Military Museum