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Bad weather is rarely a welcome guest for vacationers. However, a few drops of rain do not prevent you from walking or visiting Porto, quite the contrary. The variations in weather offer varied landscapes and allow you to discover the city from another side, while enjoying numerous activities. I promise, you will love Porto in the rain, shall we take you?

Visit the cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia

There's no denying it, Port wine is the symbol of this city which bears the same name. When the gray weather rears its ugly head, we quickly take shelter, and for that, what could be better than a cellar? Enjoy the softness of the cellars where the smells of wood, oaks and sweet wine envelop you and warm you. In Vila Nova de Gaia, there is no shortage of addresses to discover all the secrets of port production and manufacturing. Many guided tours (most often available in French) are offered and end with… a glass of port. Leave the rain behind you, the cellars are well insulated.

Find all the unmissable addresses of the Porto cellars and let yourself be guided by a visit.

Visit to the Porto cellars

Visit the museums of Porto

Great, it's raining, the perfect opportunity to take refuge in a museum. Open most often all year round, these tourist places are perfect for a dry day to cultivate yourself, admire works or discover the history of Porto. And there is no shortage of ideas in this cultural city on the banks of the Douro River. In the historic center, the city center or to the west of Porto, many museums welcome you for a few hours away from the gray weather. The unmissable Port Wine Museum, the improbable Hospital Center Museum, the historic Tramway Museum or the pretty Photography Museum, there is something for everyone.

Let yourself be guided by our section which brings together all the museums in Porto.

Historic center in the rain

Visit Porto's many religious buildings

Is rain disrupting your trip? Take the opportunity to discover the magnificent religious buildings and churches of Porto. Most often in baroque and rococo style, some of them have the characteristics of the famous architect Nicaulo Nasoni. Look up and admire the azulejos, blue and white earthenware tiles that cover the majority of Portuguese establishments. Inside, hold your breath at the pretty golden woodwork and the vast naves which give height to the churches and clergy. Take your time, you have 24 churches to visit.

Consult our section of churches and religious heritage in Porto to organize your day.

Sao Francisco Church Photo: adobestock pelatophoto

Go shopping in a mall

Window shopping is the perfect activity when the weather is bad. Dry, sheltered from the wind and rain, shopping centers not only allow you to protect yourself, but also to bring back souvenirs from your trip to Porto. In the city center or in Vila Nova de Gaia, the shopping malls are numerous and most often on several floors with parking nearby. Renew your wardrobe, buy gifts or do your weekly shopping, the schedule is perfect for spending your day. Once you're done shopping, you can even stop at a restaurant or cafe in the mall for a well-deserved break.

Read our article to find out where to go shopping in Porto.

Santa Catarina Shopping Center

Go listen to fado in Porto

What is fado? We'll let you discover it during a rainy day in Porto. A melodious and nostalgic song accompanied by guitar, fado is part of Portuguese culture. Experience this tradition in a café while sipping port, or book a one-hour concert at a club or music store. You will be overwhelmed by this song full of emotions which does not leave you indifferent. To combine pleasure and discovery, cellars even offer port tastings accompanied by fado. Forget the rain for a day, let yourself be carried away by the sweet voice of the Fadists.

To know and listen to fado, read our article which explains everything about this Portuguese song.

Fado players Photo by: Adobestock / malajscy

Take a ride on a tram or tourist bus

Don't stay cooped up, there are plenty of ways to visit Porto without getting wet. One of them is to take public transport to explore the neighborhoods. Climb aboard a typical wooden tram from the era, a must-see in Porto, established on 3 lines that cross the city. Make a few stops when the sun appears before continuing your excursion well sheltered by the tram. Do you want explanations? Travel by tourist bus for a guided tour of the city without fear of bad weather. Stories, anecdotes and touches of humor will brighten your day despite the forecast clouds.

Read our article to learn how to use Porto's trams.

A tram ride in Porto

Go for a Kway ride on the beach of Foz do Douro or Matosinhos

It's not a little drizzle that's going to stop you. Well equipped and warmly dressed, you are ready to enjoy the pleasures of Porto and those, despite the weather. Put on your boots and your Kways for a nice walk on the sandbanks to breathe in the iodized spray. The blue sea lined with rocks offers a lovely spectacle when the waves come and go on the beach. The ideal when the weather is gray is that you are privileged to be on deserted beaches. Walk along the sea on the Foz promenade before warming up in a café. Courageous sports enthusiasts can even take the cycle path which borders the beach for a pedal excursion. Be careful not to slip if the rain is heavy.

Discover our section on Porto beach.

matosinhos sunset
After the rain comes the good weather!

Discover the culinary specialties of Porto

There is nothing better when it rains than to console yourself with good, well-cooked meals. That's good, Porto is rich in gourmet gastronomy that delights the taste buds at any time of the day. In the morning, open your umbrella to explore the markets in search of the best products in the region. Fruits, vegetables, fish, meats and especially olive oil, you will have fun behind the stove. Another option is to book at the restaurant to discover all the specialties. Warm and sheltered from the rain, start with a platter of charcuterie and cheese before enjoying a Francesinha, and finish with a Pastel de Nata accompanied by the famous port.

You will salivate while reading our article on the gastronomy and culinary specialties of Porto.

Meals in a cellar
For example, go have a meal in a winery, or do a Port tasting!

Go to World of Discoveries

Relive the Portuguese conquest for a day on a route that immerses you in another universe between the museums and the magnificent theme park. Multimedia content, thrilling attractions and multisensory experiences, rain will no longer be a problem once immersed in the fantastic odyssey of Portuguese navigators. A fun and entertaining interactive museum, it will delight young and old alike. Take shelter for a day at the World of Discoveries, you won't see the time pass.

No, the rain didn't stop, but you were still able to enjoy the activities in Porto thanks to all our good ideas.

The wow
the wow port

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